Letter of Recommendation Policy

Dr. Johnson is happy to write detailed, honest, and supportive letters for his students. To do so, he requires:

  1. The student to have completed at least one COURSE and preferably two courses with him.
  2. FOUR WEEKS OF NOTICE before the day the letter should be submitted online or placed in the mail.
  3. A physical DOSSIER of relevant materials. (see below)
  4. An APPOINTMENT to discuss in person your dossier and your application plans. Office hours by semester are available on his door in Carnegie Hall (Room 119). An appointment can also be scheduled by email (sfj@ou.edu). This appointment can be conducted by phone if necessary.



Print out and put the following items in a folder and place in Dr. Johnson’s mailbox in Carnegie Hall (or send by mail to his attention at Department of Classics and Letters, University of Oklahoma, Carnegie Hall, Norman, OK, 73019-4042):

  • The public, descriptive information about the program or job to which you are applying
  • Resume or C.V. you are submitting with the application
  • Academic Transcript(s)
  • Personal statement (or similar document required by application)
  • Writing sample, preferably from one of Dr. Johnson's courses
  • Online submission instructions (email address, website link, etc.), or addressed, stamped envelope if submission is by mail

Then, on the outside of the folder, place a post-it note with your FULL NAME and the DUE DATE by which it must be submitted. If applying for multiple programs or jobs, there should be a folder for each one.


(last updated: December 2016)