Ethiopic Psalter Gets Returned

Good article from The Oregonian about the return of a Ge'ez Psalter to Ethiopia.

Delamarter is used to handling rare manuscripts. Those he works with are often well-worn religious volumes, handwritten in Ge'ez, the ancient liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. He's examined many Psalters, books of Psalms and other texts used for prayer. But this one was different. Buried inside was a rare marker that Delamarter had seen only once before. In a kind of handmade reverse, a line of white letters stood out against a line of red ink. He ran his index finger under the words as he translated aloud: "This book belongs to the king of kings, Menilek."

Dr. Getatchew Haile, Regents Professor of Medieval Studies and Cataloguer of Oriental Manuscripts at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library of St. John's University in Minnesota, identified the manuscript. The HMML, under the direction of Father Columba Stewart, recently received a Mellon Grant for their digitization projects, and Dr. Haile recently participated in a Getty Seminar on a sixteenth-century Gospel book acquired by the museum.