Best iPhone apps of 2009

Macworld’s 2009 App Gems Awards

Definitely worth a glance. I would highlight in their list my own favorites, in order of use:

  1. Instapaper Pro
  2. Tweetie
  3. MLB AtBat
  4. Boxcar
  5. iBird Explorer

Further thoughts:

  1. I prefer Gorillacam to their pick of BestCamera, but both are great apps.
  2. The American Heritage Dictionary app is probably one of my most used apps. Completely worth the money.
  3. Newsstand has replaced NetNewsWire and Byline for me, simply because of the awesome posting options (twitter, delicious, instapaper, facebook, etc.); and integration as well.
  4. The Squarespace app and Dropbox apps are very useful and elegant if you depend on those two services.
  5. Simplenote continues to be my favorite note-taking app. (Who needs GoogleDocs syncing when you have incredible things like Dashnote?)
  6. Other likes of mine include: OmniFocus, the official Wikipedia app, PS Mobile, PCalc, WorldCat, Bookmarks (delicious client), official Flickr app, Apple’s apps (iDisk, Gallery, iTunes Remote, and Keynote Remote), Kayak, BGRMobile, Nasa, Starbucks, Yelp, Nikon L&E.
  7. I don’t play many games at all on the iPhone, but it’s hard not to be impressed by Star Wars Trench Run and Dragon’s Lair, both resuscitating my youth when I’m overwhelmed with adulthood. My wife and daughter (5) are addicted to some game called Rush Hour, and my son (3) likes to provoke the game Shapes by choosing all the wrong shapes until only the correct answer is left and the narrator, begrudgingly, has to give him the prize anyway.