A Little Behind

For those who are following this site, I realize that I’ve been rather quiet the past month. I’m currently trying to finish up a few longer posts amidst my regular academic business of attending conferences and constructing exams. I thought I might at least let you know the topics I’m working on and intending to discuss in the near future:

1. A representative of Project Muse has contacted me regarding my two posts on JSTOR. We’re trying to arrange a time to talk. I would very much like to add their perspective to the mix. Digitization is a subject that continues to fascinate me both for its practical difficulties and intellectual potential.

2. Zotero has become a mainstay in my research over the past month. I put it through the paces writing a recent conference paper, which will actually be a chapter of my current book project. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed, but there are some usability quirks that I find irksome, not least the integration with Word and OpenOffice/NeoOffice.

3. Finally, I’m trying to figure out how to put said chapter online in its draft form, in the hopes of getting some tangible feedback. Obviously, it won’t be interesting to everyone, and it’s definitely got some warts, but one of my intentions for this site is to make it productive for my own research. I just need to figure out how this will work best.

I have some other thoughts too, including how I might use Twitter or some kind of chat software in the classroom during my upcoming Spring Term course. Many of my colleagues think it might make an interesting experiment, but I’m a little sheepish at the moment. We’ll see.