Kottke on Clusterflock

Good interview with blogger/editor Jason Kottke over at Clusterflock. The part I can relate to, being a NetNewsWire junkie myself (though not half the blogger Jason is):

What’s your process, then, how do you go about your day at the site?
I read a lot. 99% of it doesn’t make the site, 1% does. Most of the stuff I read comes to me through a newsreader. I follow roughly 300 sites a day.

Jesus! Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the influx? What’s your process for dealing with that?
Very overwhelmed. At this point, I’m probably just used to it. I get the sense sometimes that reading/skimming so much information every day is not good for my brain. Sometimes I can’t remember any details from what I’ve read the previous day. Don’t know if that’s all the input or something related to getting older.

I hear you, Jason.